MktMetrics will reveal to our subscribers what the “Specialists” and “Market Makers” or Exchange Insiders, are planning to do the next trading day by providing reliable forecasts of the following information:

  1. The Stock Market Outlook
  2. The Dow Jones Industrial Average
    1. Outlook
    2. DJIA Probability % of Being Up Tomorrow
    3. Trend direction
    4. Momentum direction
  3. Forecast of any stock, listed or unlisted
    1. Next day’s Open Present Value, High and Low
    2. Price internal relative strength (ITRS) Score
    3. Volume internal relative strength (ITRS) Score
    4. Trend
    5. Trading Range
    6. Volatility
    7. Levels of Block Trading activity
    8. 8, 21, 50, 65, 150, and 200 day Moving Averages
    9. Demand Factor
    10. Upside and Downside potential movement
  4. A rating suggestion to own or not own the stock of your selection
  5. Go Long/Go Short Analysis of the Dow30+DIA; SPDR 12 Select Sector ETFs; and Industry Group Components.
  6. Over 100 Exchange Traded Funds daily analysis
  7. Next week’s forecast

Advance Market Decisions:
Not always right, just very seldom wrong ®