Frequently Asked Questions

Why Upgrade to MktMetrics+ Premium Version?
Nobody on Wall Street has anything like our unique and original Binary Ladder Pricing System. It allows you the ability to spot opportunities quickly and make successful instant decisions for actionable limit order execution.

When you subscribe to the MktMetrics+ Premium version monthly you will get:

  1. CHART Data View- Four individual relevant charts for each symbol
    • Actual vs. Predicted
    • Price Internal Strength, Current Trend, Demand Factor, Stock Volatility comparisons
    • Moving Averages 8-day, 21-day, 50-day, 65-day, 30-week, 200-day
    • Nightly Analysis Update of the DJIA Trend, Momentum, Outlook
  2. TEXT Data View- Four winning indicators of Resistance and Support showing Actionable Daily Limit Pricing on ~6,000 stocks, including ETFs (both leverage and non-leverage) displayed individually in Binary Ladder Pricing format.
  3. DJIA Probability % of Being Up Tomorrow
  4. SPDR Select Sectors List (13 sectors)

Why reference Specialists and Market Makers as Exchange Insiders?
Specialists and Market Makers are an exclusive fraternity that are aware of changing circumstances that will affect the Stock Market’s outcome and stocks they make a market in. This privileged society enjoys influence in Government, Politics, Banking and Insurance. Exchange Insiders are at the heart of money flow and ensure a fair and orderly market, while positioning their own inventory for their greatest benefit. successfully provides a mirror image of what the Exchange Insiders use daily to guide the Stock Market and individual stocks toward specific supply and resistance levels.

What does ITRS mean?
ITRS refers to the Internal Relative Strength of a stock. uses both price and volume internal relative strength measurements to gauge whether or not a stock has an accumulation trend and rising momentum, or a distribution trend and falling momentum.

At what point does switch from Sell to Buy? wants to make sure that a stock, sector or exchange traded fund has sponsorship from the Exchange Insiders. This is provided when two, of our three, proprietary indicators of (1) price, (2) volume, and (3) trend are positive.

What does Block Trading activity mean?
A block of 100,000 shares or more is considered Block Trading activity. has a proprietary method of gauging where this activity should take place at specific levels the Exchange Insiders would participate based upon recent supply and demand factors.

Why do you provide a predicted Open, High and Low, and, also, provide a potential High and potential Low? has recognized that the Stock Market and stocks in general are not consistently range-bound in any one direction. Therefore, created certain criteria that is consistent with its next day’s forecast of a typical market, and, an “out-of-bounds” market. A typical market day would yield a price range Open, High and Low. Conversely, an extreme Stock Market would yield a gap-opening, and a potential out-of-bounds high, low or both.

How should an investor use to the fullest? evolved over a long period of time using real money during real time trading. is best utilized by examining its data results and trading levels produced. Check the DJIA PROBABILITY % OF BEING UP TOMORROW to learn what % to expect the next day. Gauge your buys/sells by looking at the Block Trading levels and compare with the various moving averages provided. Compare the results found with the projected Open, High and Low of your stock selection and our rating suggestion. Once you are confident with your decision, buy or sell-short with a 2% stop-loss. Aim for the “meat of the move,” don’t buy a stock before an earnings announcement, and don’t make a stock or fund buy until its trend is positive.