About Us

Douglas Gale, creator of MktMetrics, began his securities trading career in 1975 after being trained by Blyth Eastman Dillon (now UBS Paine Webber). Mr. Gale has more than 30 years of experience in trading capital for NYSE member firms’ clients and for his own account. This extensive trading experience was the genesis of MktMetrics.

MktMetrics provides pre-market data from a web-based algorithm that forecasts any stock's Range, Volatility, Demand, Trend, Opening Fair Value, High and Low for next day's trading. It also shows Upside and Downside potential stock price movement, predicts levels of Block Trading activity, provides 6-key moving averages, DJIA and Stock Market trend and momentum statistics, daily analysis of over 100 Exchange Traded Funds and statistics on Exchange Insiders and Institutional Investors accumulation and distribution activity.

MktMetrics is the dominant provider of pre-opening stock market data and trading strategies that significantly improve trader and investor performance. MktMetrics is a proactive, intelligent technology that maximizes the performance of brokers, investors, active traders and money managers. The proprietary data delivers to end-users exactly what they need to see, in the most clear and concise form available, to act on before the opening bell.

MktMetrics provides an interactive program that forecasts Specialists and Market Makers activity based upon a copyrighted process that has been back-tested over a thirty year period, in all market conditions. MktMetrics serves active individual investors and professional traders both directly and through private labeled alliance partnerships and licensing arrangements.

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